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Re: parents of autistic children

We have been using the Methyl B12 with Kearnan for closing on a year now. It is amazing!!! Just after his fifth birthday we met with the DAN! DR and started treatments. At the time he was 3yrs behind his peers in speech, and a year to two years in self care, socialization ect. In just 6months with the Methyl B12 he went to only 6 months behind his peers. These days his speech is just about where it should be. IT is true that he tends to be more in the here and now then thinking of other times ect (does that make sense?). You can have a pretty normal convo with him he just doesn't really get the less concrete things. But he can make up stories and tell them and when he plays with toys he uses his imagination and they talk to each other ect. He is mostly understandable when he talks now. Unless he is particularly tired or upset, but he is understandable about as much of the time as other 5-6yr olds. It is amazing. His therapists and everyone who knows him are jsut so impressed with his progress. And he has been doing better in other areas as well, partially because of the other supplements we are doing.
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