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Re: January 2012 Chat Thread

Hi everyone,

Jen - Congrats on taking the girls again ... I actually gave you a little hand clap. Girls are going to outnumber boys now in your house. Apparently, God wanted them there He just gave you an extra bit of time around the holidays.

Ingrid - Glad you finally took the first step in this Great Adventure.

Laura - Sorry the boys are proving to be a handful ... It always takes me 2 - 4 weeks to get into a new groove and for things to settle down. So even if they are there a little bit maybe things won't feel as out of control to long.

Sillyutalktome - Praying for your FET procedure that your frozen babies get to become forever babies. IF tx is so stressful so taking a foster break sounds like a good idea.

As for us, Lil Bit is now almost 9 months and is looking like a normal baby girl. She is still a lot of work and we are still having some major feeding issues. Her case is really sad and her mom seems to be getting worse instead of better. Her mom's visits are suspended which is sorta a blessing since we are finally getting a better rhythm around here. CW was here this week and she is talking about TPR and adoption already. Case has been open 6 months so legally she can start. I think she is talking more about beginning TPR in 9 - 12 months from case being open.

My DH is a little freaked out because he is not realling bonding with her. Partly I think he is protecting himself and partly because all the medical stuff wears him out. He said he feels more like a doctor than a dad with her. So say a prayer for my hubbie, please!

And of course, we are absolutely loving getting to be the forever mommy and daddy to our 15 month old little man. We are so over the top in love with him and I guess that is what we are hoping to feel toward Lil Bit.
Christian Wife to DH married 16 years. Forever mommy to my adopted son #9 C (3 yrs) Currently fostering #20 A our bonus buddy full sibling to my adopted son (16 mths). We have fostered 20 children so far, some with medical special needs. Still hoping for a forever girl.
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