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Re: The medical bills have started...

As do I...mainly from the other side though. As a doctor, it's really hard at times to treat patients appropriately if they are uninsured or underinsured. Many of my patients these days have to choose between coming to see me or eating. Well, I'd rather they eat so we try to do somethings using what's available in the community, like having my hypertensive patients check their BP at community screening events or on the store machines and to call if it's consistently above a certain threshold. At least we now have the $4 plan meds. They're not the most convenient but they are affordable. And sometimes cheaper than the copay for people with insurance. I actually get my thyroid med using the $4 plan rather than my insurance. Why pay $10 when I can pay $4 for the same drug?!? Or better yet, why pay $30 when I can pay $10 for the same amount of drugs (90 day supply). Only one pharmacist gave me crap for doing that. They either don't make a profit off of those or run at a loss, not sure which. If costco wasn't such a PITA to get to, I would go there for my meds. They have the cheapest prices though some pharmacies (not mine) will price match costco's prices.
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