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Re: January 2012 Chat Thread

Originally Posted by jenfostermom View Post
Bahahahaha Ingrid, that made me literally LOL.
ODFD goes to early childhood four mornings a week from roughly 8-11ish. It will really help. We will be moving her school - it's far northside, and we are FAR southside. Normally that's really frowned upon, but I got mom's approval and since she just started a couple weeks ago, she's not settled in there or bonded to the teachers and kids. Hoping it will go well!

And I'm SO EXCITED for you to have submitted your app! Did you tell them you know me? Lol. It *should* help things go quicker. Can't wait to hear the progress.....congrats for taking the first step!
i think it was the new girl i talked to, kristin? it was like a 30 second conversation and she didn't ask, but when i called for the packet i mentioned you so maybe they made a note? i will probably say something when they come out to the house. i can't believe you got so many calls over christmas! thats so exciting from my perspective/sad from the kids perspective. i feel guilty for being excited!

dalynn-are you thinking you will adopt if LB is tpr? i can relate to your dh's feelings about being more of a doctor, it sounds like her medical needs are pretty involved. i didn't realize it when my dd was born but i really did not bond with her for a long long time, and i pushed her out! it is SO SO stressful dealing with the medical stuff it almost overpowers the rest. i spent her infancy so worried that i really missed out on a lot. so tell him not to worry, even bio parents go through those feelings. i can definitely understand him wanting to be protective of his feelings must be incredibly difficult to maintain a balance.
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