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Trouble with family dog

Okay, so this is a problem I've been having for awhile now. Baby just turned 8 months old and is loving grabbing at everything.
This involves the family dog, a beagle.
DS loves her, and she him. Theirs is a love that is forbidden because every single chance they get they decide to tongue kiss.
I always supervise when the dog is around but they always manage a quick make out session every chance they can get. It grosses everyone out.
I don't want to totally cut out their interactions because reacting harshly can make a situation worse, I realize. I just want the baby to pet, hit or grab at the dog like a regular kid, rather than kiss like teenagers.
The dog is the sweetest most gentle dog, so I hate yelling at her for essentially licking a little pack member.
I'm grossed out, any suggestions?
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