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Re: Trouble with family dog

We have a huge lab that loves the boys. She would snuggle with them and lick them as babies. Never bothered or hurt them one bit. I just tried to redirect and work on petting gentle. It was a short lived phase.

Then the baby will start moving and see the dog drinking out of the water bowl and joins right in.

Just wait until the baby starts eating with silverware. The boys love to "share" thier food. That means sticking their spoon over the side of the chair for the dog to lick and go right on back to eating.

I have discoverd over the last 5 years that it is a loose/loose situation and to just roll with it. I could go on with more stories. The boys are all very healthy, love their dog, and the dog loves them.

They were sick right before Christmas and three of them (2 boys and dog) spent the entire day snuggled on the couch.
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