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Re: Happy Hempy Fitted

Originally Posted by colin-mylilguy View Post
So would you use it? I don't really like polyester and don't use it for LO's pj's or clothes so I kinda think I'd rather stay away from it in the diaper, too. BUT... I'm wondering if it would help him sleep better to *feel* dry all night.... hmm...
Yes I like stay-dry microfleece inners for diapers (and I like fleece covers, too ). Like you, I'm not such a fan of polyester for clothing. I like 100% cotton, or an 80/20 blend.

But for diapers, there are practical reasons to use polyester fleece. For my son, the stay-dry factor is a benefit. And polyester fleece covers are more breathable than PUL (PUL gives him rashes) so I choose poly fleece and wool for covers. Full time wool is not a practical solution for me, personally, so I don't feel bad or guilty not using all-natural wool covers all the time.
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