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11 BG Small AIOs w/ stuffable pocket $9ppd each or $93ppd for the lot

I received these "used" but in like-new condition from a DS mama about 3 months ago.

I have used them with my son over the last 3 months & washed in 7th Gen F&C in my front loaders.

Of the 11, 7 have some degree of diaper rash creme staining. I will attempt to remove it, but from my experience it will fade over time & not through laundering.

This is the WORST of the staining:

The others it is less & on a couple it is only like one little dot.



Monkey Doodles VB AIO

4 Well Loved (but repaired) Medium AIO Sidesnap Bottombumpers Diapers $8ppd each or all 4 for $29ppd

These diapers are from FSOT. They were well loved & un-usable when I received them. I sent them to Bottombumpers for elastic repairs (she can't do anything about the threadbare spots) and since I received them back I have decided they are not the best fit for my boys.

These diapers do not have stains (that I can tell) on the inners, but they are not bright white.

The inners are well used. They have been loved, but are still functional. The inner of the diaper doesn't have ANY absorbent material in it but the inserts are FULLY FUNCTIONAL. The edges of the diapers do have some small holes as they are well worn. I tried to picture it.

Please know you are getting functional diapers that are well loved. They are not "show off" diapers.

The elastic repairs done by BB caused the leg holes to roll outwards. When you put them on you can roll them in & they stay in place. I didn't have any trouble the couple times my boys wore them post-repair.

Bright Blue

Yellow with Green Snaps

Yellow with White Snaps

Red with Black Snaps
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