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How many

I wanted to ask how many c-sections you have had? If you had had 3 or more I'd love to know how your experience was. If you had any additional problems with the pregnancy/delivery/recovery due to having multiple c-sections I'd love to know more. I'd also love to hear your doctor's take on all of this...supportive, cautious, ect.

I have had three and would love to have one more little one, but I'm a bit nervous about the possibility. After my third delivery, the doctor mentioned that, if I wanted, I could try for one more and then take it case by case after that. However, at my 6 week check up I saw his associate and he was trying to convince me to never have any more children. My first c-section was due to a breech little one and the others were "repeats". I have recovered well from all of them with no problems during the pregnancies and no problems (that I was told about at least) during delivery. If we were to TTC the birth would be at least 3 years from my most recent c-section (my youngest is 18 months), so I don't think healing would be an issue. I will certainly have a good talk with my doctor before we TTC, but I was just wanting to hear other's experiences.

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