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Re: Do You Prefer A Male Or Female OB?

Originally Posted by MyLovely View Post
Doesn't really matter to me, it's all about personality. In my own experience, I've found males to be much more gentle and less judgmental. I told my gyno that once, he says that since he doesn't have the parts, he makes a point to be extra gentle because he doesn't want to hurt his patients. Maybe I've just had bad luck with female gynos? I had a really excellent female NP once, I was devastated when I had to move.

I often joke that I wish there were midhusbands. I'll homebirth, so no OB for me, but I do admit that I'd prefer a male. I didn't vote that way though, because I have never heard of a male midwife delivering at home.
I have heard of one male midwife just don't remember where.
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