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Re: Winter wonders weekend 7-8

Thanks. I was bawling in the car on the way back, and DH said that I'm the one that's going to have a tougher time with it than N. She's here by Tuesday at the latest (depending on how long the induction takes). The sheet they gave me said that kids 12 and under are screened for recent illnesses but not how, and she said that 5 and under can't visit due to it being RSV season. So Z could, but not N. How does that help anyone?

And then I started thinking about all that Z has going on next week for school... field trip to see a play on Tuesday, spelling test on Wednesday... and if she's not here by Monday afternoon... I'm going to be going NUTS trying to get MIL to make sure he's got everything he needs for school... UGH. Let's go little lady... let's GO!
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