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Re: Winter wonders weekend 7-8

Today is to clean and family is coming over to celebrate my mom's and nephew's birthday. DH did my belly cast last night. Came out good but, we didn't have enough strips for my boobs. So, we just did my belly. We did my belly and boobs with our first son and it just looks better. Though I'm glad we got it done before he comes. I don't think this one will come anytime soon. Though I know it can happen anytime. Second ds came at 37 weeks. I'm 38 now. I thought for sure something was going to happen last night. It was a full moon, that is when my water broke with second ds and was getting contractions last night really bad. Though it was only when I was laying down flat getting my belly cast done. Once I was able to get up it stopped. So, still playing the waiting game. Hope everyone has a good weekend and good luck if you go into labor.

So here's a question. The hospital told us yesterday that N can't come up to see me as I'm recovering due to it being RSV season. I was a wreck yesterday because of that. He's the one that I'm most concerned with adjusting, and I really wanted him to see her in the hospital. He'll be with MIL and FIL (and Z) while I'm in labor... how can I adjust him easily without him coming to see us? The only thing I can think of is to come while we're being discharged... but beyond that I can't think of much.
That is too bad. Maybe having your child make something for when you two come home and take lots of pics. Hope it works out. I hope they don't tell that to me. When I had my second dh it was in Oct and they let my four year old up. My youngest is now 3 so, I hope they let him see the baby and I. We don't get flu shots either. On my tour they didn't say anything so I'm hoping.

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