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Re: 2,012 items in 2012

Originally Posted by deezee02 View Post

Total so far is 7 so while it is low I have 20+ boxes and bins of stuff for my yard sale this spring...anything that doesn't sell will get donated the following Monday. I am sure that will catch me up
Thats my plan as well. I have been giving away some things that I don't think are worth my time regarding the garage sale, posting some stuff on craigslist that I think will sell quicker and maybe for some more money than a garage sale. As well as keeping a few things aside for ebay.

Everything else is being labeled (that's a key for me, because I've tried it before and when I see all the boxes of stuff I feel overwhelmed for the garage sale but this time it's all priced and ready to go out ahead of time) and put into boxes labeled garage sale and when it's time I'll bring it all out.

I'm also keeping a spreadsheet of some of the highlights of my garage sale items so when I post the garage sale I can put it on there.
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