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Re: Any one els sick of this

Originally Posted by edens_mom View Post
I am very strongly, decidedly pro-life, and if someone tried to use the term "fetus" on my child I'd probably cringe, too. But I just wanted to throw my story out there: With my first child, dd, I was so excited to be expecting that I read all my pregnancy books like, every day, and the day my baby "graduated" from "embryo" to "fetus" I announced it on facebook and subsequently got a tongue-lashing from a fellow pro-life friend who also struggled with infertility. It was a bit irritating as I was talking about stage of development! It's like saying "my toddler" .. "No, it's a CHILD!"
I agree with this...I think of my baby as a baby, but developmentally I get that it's a fetus. I just can't wait until I can think of my baby as a boy or a girl...
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