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Re: Wire bras?

ohh how i HATE bra shopping!!!

at this months lll meeting we were talking about bras and underwire...I have LARGE breast too and can't find any nursing bras that will hold the girls up and where they should be...I have cried over illfitting bras out of control crying!! i can't stand it!

so this time around..i plan on wearing my crazy illfitting bras until my milk is in a settled then find a great fitting reg. bra and turn it into a nursing bra by adding the clips...with dd2 i was a EPer for 8 months and wore reg. underwire bras...and just undid them and lifted them up or when at home just took the bra off and pumped then put everything back where it went...but i plan to do everything it takes to get this LO to latch sooo plan on nursing and needing nursing bras!!
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