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Originally Posted by ArronDalesMama
So far I got 6 more spices gone. 2 tea lights and an old remote I don't know what it went to. 9 more things gone. Still have time for more tonight.

I'm scared to do any baby clothes and stuff. People always end up pregnant when they say good-bye to baby stuff. We cannot have that happen right now. But I have so much! Ugh.
I really want to purge my baby stuff but I have the same fear! I am getting mirena in the spring and my friend has offered to buy my baby stuff (swing and bouncy seat) for her moms house this summer. I figured if we have another I will pick up a travel swing and be done. I am also getting rid of my jumparoo and high chair...everything has been used through two kids. I HATE the highchair and the jumparoo is well loved and just so big...if we have another down the line I will get a space saver highchair and find a used jumparoo (or maybe the one in the doorway). I also have way too many baby clothes. I am keeping my favorites to make a quilt and then a few extras...enough for 2 weeks of clothes per size. I figured that would be enough since I can always shop sales for filler...and it is fun to buy newbie stuff.

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