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Originally Posted by tibeca
Look at your baby's growth chart. If she is gaining and following "Her" growth curve, then I wouldn't worry about it. Different babies weight different amounts. That's why there's a growth chart and not a your baby weighs x at age y table.
Agreed. Both my kids are under average weight. Just like I have always been underweight and just like my father and grandmother before me. We are small people. My pediatrician has neve batted an eye at the fact that my kids are always in the 10th percentile for weight because they have always been in the 10th percentile since birth. My pediatrician has told us many times that she gets concerned when kids continue to drop to lower and lower percentiles. But she never worries what percentile a child is at so long as they for the most part continue along that percentile. If your baby is following along the curve, then that is just genetics. if she is dropping to a much lower percentile then perhaps you should keep an eye out and hear out your doctor. If your baby is just small but gaining regularly, then I wouldn't worry.
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