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Re: What health issues does your LO face from being 'undercooked'?

DFS is a 34 weeker. He is now 2.75 years old.

He has a G-J tube, major food aversion and does not swallow almost any food, asthma, altered muscle tone (weak on the left side), cobble stoning from reflux, severe food allergies (on Elecare), speech delay, and after his last surgery, he came home on oxygen monitors and an oxygen mask while sleeping (cannula doesn't cut it). He got RSV as a 9 month old because his ped didn't think he needed the shots. I disagreed, but he is Medicaid and a foster child, so what she thought had to rule. He has gone back and forth between AFOs and SMOs, though right now we are trying to get away with nothing since the last batch didn't fit well and Medicaid is denying a new pair. The ones he has make it worse instead of better.

He's had 15 hospitalizations so far plus his 21 day NICU stay.

At almost 3, he has weekly PT, ST, and feeding therapy, and bi-weekly OT. He also attends preschool 2 days a week.
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