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I made it 18months!

I am so proud to say I made it to 18months with DS3 But sadly I did just wean him 2 wks ago. He was getting super lazy and sucking in my nipple like a straw over his teeth every time and my boobs constantly hurt with sharp pains the last couple of months, I think minor infections. BUT at least I made it to 18 months He is crying every night I put him bed now because he is used to nursing right before bed. I rock and cuddle with him for a long time before bed but he still screams like someone is tearing his arm off when I put him in bed. Now he is super clingly so I wear him more. I think time will help him.

Warning to those over producers of milk like me...It took 2 PAINFUL weeks of engorgment and cabbage to lose the pain. Just prepare yourself. And nope I didn't stop cold turkey, what a pain that was. Even though the last 2 weeks was a total PITA it was worth it all. We did enjoy our BF'ing relationship for 95% of the time. That is once past the first 2 months
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