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Re: Prefold Comparison! Cloth-eez GMD, Diaper Rite, Imagine, OsoCozy, Zabi

Originally Posted by MamaJoyful View Post
So far....Diaper Rites! I love them! Both the green and orange fit so nicely on my almost 2 year old! The oranges I have to fold over, but they still offer a good fit. I will keep updating this post as I get to try them more. Over the holidays I didn't get as much of a chance to try them, but I've been using them more and am loving the unbleached DR prefolds. They are so pliable, fluffy and they are more loosely woven cotton compared to some of the others. That is what makes me favor them, I think.

The best fit for my son is the green edge Diaper Rite. I love how they are a bit wider than some of the other prefolds and I really love the more loosely woven cotton, which makes them more pliable, fluffy and "stretchy" if you can say that about a prefold. The only con with these is that they weigh less than some other brands, so that is something to consider.
I keep going back and forth on what to order... I considered flats but then talked my self out of them remembering how I ended up selling them off last time though I got great fit.. Your sons measurments are almost exactly that of my DDs so this helps.. The green DR looks fantastic but I still wonder how long it will last at the same time while I dont mind folding a rise Ive been spoiled by not having too.. Maybe I'll get like 1/2 dozen of each...
It dangerous when I need to wait for funds I spend too much time second guessing I do muh better just impluse buying
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