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Re: jaundice

Ugh, those heel pokes are aweful! With Ds, we had to admit him when he was two days, he was under the lights for 5 days, and I cant tell you how many times he was pricked. They would draw the blood then by the time they got it to the lab, it would be dried up, so they would have to do it time and time again. I'm scared this one will go through that too. Dd1 did, but we did the lights at home, and she didn't get pricked near as often. Dd2, I just watched her at home and did natural sunlight. I may do the same this time, depending on the original levels. With DS my Dr and the lactation consultant were going at it about giving ds formula, or to continue bfing. That sucked. It was nice to have someone there to help fight against supplementing!
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