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Re: Anyone know what to do with hotdogs?

Holy huge amount of sausages!! Way to go, mama!! Maybe this is a Portuguese thing ( my mother's side of the family are "full blood")... but we also eat Fried Hotdog sandwiches. Cut a sausage right down the middle lengthwise and put it face down (the "inside" side) down on a hot skillet with a tiny bit of butter or oil. Fry it up until it's good and crispy and make a sandwich out of it. At home we would eat Linguisa (uber good UBER fattening Portuguse sausages) but it would work just as well with any sausages.

Either that or you could make some KICKIN' chili with the sausages... or slice them up and put them on homemade pizza.... or make a big pot of soup (I'm thinking crockpot dinners here!)... mmmmm.... now I want sausages....
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