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Re: Lanolin wool

Originally Posted by Whipple View Post
The easiest way IMO, would be to buy a wool wash with lanolin in it. You then put enough slightly warmish water in a sink/tub, ect to cover your wool. Put in the wool wash when filling and swish with hand. Put in wool, squeeze wool to get it all wet. Do not agitate. Then you let it sit for a minimum of 15 minutes. I let it sit until the suds are gone, then squeeze out wool, empty sink and repeat but usually leave overnight the second time.
To dry you roll up in a towel and squeeze then lay flat or hang to dry. I just did 10+ longies at once, and had to use all my chairs and every other surface to hang wool. lol It can take over a day to dry.
That is really the easiest way, though some days I want to get some sheep and let my boys ride bareback to get it that way. Sorry, I'm feeling goofy tonight, though it might work, it will probably upset to many people to make it worth testing.
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