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Exclamation cleaning out NOT diaper safe butt crm :( HELP!

ok help please!!!

im using my megaroo's (those are the main ones i use) etpf, and osocozy prefolds... nothing elaberate (like stay dry AIO's) so should b easy to do right? i hope...

so those are the diapers i use little belle baby bottom creme its all organic and a local diaper rash crm and where i live ppl are very into cloth diapers so i had assumed it was cloth diaper safe....

olive oil, organic comfrey, organic st. johns wort, organic calendula, beeswax, vitamin e, and essential oils....

baby is only a week, efb, i wash every other day...and the diapers look clean, stained, but clean and they SMELL like freshly cut grass like where the poo stains are, i know thats odd...but i figured it was either thqat...or my wash routine???

so diapers just sit in a dry pail till wash day (every other day) and then i put them in the washer, 2 rinses with vinegar in the fabric softener thing, then a full wash with country save and vinegar again, with and extra rinse, (always have the extra rinse on) and then 2 rinses with the vinegar again....and i have soft water...

what is going on can some one help me, i was assuming it was the crm but maybe from wash routine, idk? i really love that butt crm and would hate to stop using it...please help! thanks!
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