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Ended up being a pretty fun day...went to BRU and petsmart. Didn't make it to whole foods but that's ok I didn't really need anything specific from there anyways. We got 3 packs of Earths Best sposies, 2 packs for dd2 and 1 pack of size 1s for new baby. They were on sale 3 packs for $25. Ive been wanting to get some sposies to have on hand for dd2 so we won't have to worry about diaper laundry the first week or two and then we'll switch her back to cloth. And I don't plan to use cloth on the new baby right away...just gonna wait and see when I feel like putting her in cloth. And I got some gerber prefolds...I know silly but I've always wanted to try using them as diapers but never have since everyone says they aren't very absorbent so I thought I'd try them out on dd2 just for the fun of it. Lol And if they don't work as diapers them I'll use them for burp cloths for the new baby. Then we went to petsmart and got some stuff for dh's fish tank and some new fish. We were down to 2 fish and it was looking really depressing. Lol Looks sooo much better now! Much more lively in there and the new fish are so pretty!

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