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Re: Breastfeeding/sleep/gas

I remember my DD went through this around 4 months. I was convinced it was a dairy issue, and quit all dairy... for nothing! It made no difference, and she grew out of it on her own. I know it's rough. When my DD has gas, she prefers being upright as well. You can also try a tummy massage as part of the bedtime routine: first rub in circles clockwise (as you are looking at baby, not from their prospective), then you can do 'I love you' on their intestines, in the lower abdominal area, run your fingers down their left side from around the belly button area, then go from their right to their left just above the belly button area, then down the side. Then start on the lower right side, go up, over, and down the left (if kind of makes an 'I', sideways 'L' and upside down 'U').
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