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Re: Please explain wool

Originally Posted by babylatch View Post
I know everyone raves about wool being breathable but let me tell you during our summers nothing is breathable!
LOL ...

Wool, with a cotton diaper underneath, should be the very most comfortable possibility. It's my favorite for summers, especially when LO is in the car seat. He gets really hot in everything but wool.

There are soooo many choices in wool. Recycled sweaters, knitted or crocheted soakers, interlock (which is stretchy like a T-shirt without being like a sweater), and woven (like wool pants or coats).

It might help if people tell you which kind of wool they use, and why ...

I was super confused and wanted easy, low-maintenance, and difficult to destroy on accident. So I went with Imse Vimse wool wraps. They close in front with velcro, just like so many other diaper covers. The main "upside" for me was that they are machine washable. They are made of merino, which is I think just a high grade of wool (like you've probably heard of Supima cotton?) ... They're super soft, not a bit scratchy. The fabric is pretty thin, but I've never had a leak (even driving across Wyoming looking for a rest stop or safe place to pull over for a diaper change). I've never had to lanolize them, if I wash with Eucalan. We've accidentally put them in the dryer too, with no harm done.

Under the wool wrap I use just about anything, from a fitted to a pad-folded flat just laid inside.
No 2x4 Butt! A non-pad "Pad" fold to put flats in covers and pockets:
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