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Re: Caring a newbie questions

Originally Posted by love_cloth View Post
I think it is less work to use cloth. Easy to stay home and do laundry. More work to go to store & take extra garbage out.

Originally Posted by wildsissy View Post
You could use liners.. either the kind you buy like little toilet paper sheets of paper or some are like rice paper.. or you could make some fleece liners yourself. easy, cheap, no sewing... My midwife was REALLY against me CDing until the baby was at the very least 2 weeks old. She wanted me to concentrate on breastfeeding, getting enough food/water/rest and not thinking about dirty diapers and trying to figure out a CD routine. I know mama's do it from day 1, but now looking back I'm glad I didn't start right out of the gate.
My Midwife wouldn't think of having me do laundry right after the baby is born...that's what daddy/grandma/auntie is for! Even if I didn't have CD laundry I'd certainly still have clothes/towels/burp cloths to wash. I thought it was a given that a new mom should have help the first couple weeks. For me personally, prefolds and covers were super simple and there are AIOs that are as easy as sposies. I'm sure cloth from day one isn't for everyone but I don't think mamas who want to do it should be discouraged by their midwife.
In with my DH, crunchy, attached Mama to 4. Homeschooling, long term breastfeeding, CD'ing, babywearing, homebirthing. Could I BE anymore addicted to cloth?!

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