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Re: Where do you buy CDs online?

Originally Posted by BuggaBuggaBoutique View Post
Sorry, momma, I was really busy in November with customs and I took most of December off because I injured my ankle again!
Really? An ankle? What, are you going to use being a mom of 4 and being pregnant as an excuse too? JUST kidding!! I dont know how you do it all as it is!! And your stuff sells fast because it's awesome! I have some snap in soakers from you an they are SO soft and don't get crunchy after they're washed. Anyway, I'm very happy to have been able to snag some newbie dipes and if I can actually get pregnant soon I'll be back for more!

ETA: I hope your ankle is better! I've badly sprained mine before and boy was it painful. I have drug free births but was asking for pain meds for my ankle.
In with my DH, crunchy, attached Mama to 4. Homeschooling, long term breastfeeding, CD'ing, babywearing, homebirthing. Could I BE anymore addicted to cloth?!

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