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Re: Caring a newbie questions

Originally Posted by TrennaII View Post
Our midwife was thrilled we decided to cloth diaper from the first moment. She even showed us some cool folds for flats.

We didn't use liners and there was zero problem getting it out. Just like the rest of the EBF poo, we just put it straight in the washer. Yep, even our very very very first time washing cloth diapers, we had zero problems with the meconium.

But one AWESOME tip regarding meconium (also from our midwife): Slather the baby up in olive oil before you put on the first diaper, and keep doing it with each diaper change until the meconium has finished passing. It's normally hard to get off the baby (so I've heard), but when we did this it wiped right off with no problem! If I hadn't gotten some on my arm right after he was born, I wouldn't know there was anything different about meconium.
That's a really good tip about the olive oil. Not only do you moisturize the baby's bum, but you make the poo easier to wipe off. I put olive oil all over my body frequently, so it makes sense.
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