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Re: Chronic Diarrhea - WWYD about dipes?

Good luck! A sprayer makes a big difference when the poop isn't "ploppable." I dunked and swished for a summer with ds when we were waiting to get into our house (living with IL's) and it was not fun. It worked, but I was so glad to have my sprayer back.
Just make sure you hold the diaper down low in the bowl so you don't get poop spray everywhere, and test the water pressure in the water before you shoot it at the diaper. It takes a little practice to get good at spraying, but it can totally be done without making a mess.
I had to laugh at your post, dd just made a poop this morning that would have been nice to throw away...but it really wasn't that bad. I do drag my diaper pail into the bathroom so I don't have to carry a wet (i.e. possible dripping) diaper down the hall.
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