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Re: Chronic Diarrhea - WWYD about dipes?

Fleece liners! They are the best! they catch most of everything and its very easy to wash out in the potty. I used the detachable shower head from my shower as it is next to our toilet. WOrked just fine for me... I researched sprayers and was going to get one...........but then realized... my shower sprayer works just as well..
They also have lay in disposable liners... I bought some but never used them as we have a septic system and they are not recommened for that. Might be something you could look into.. they also could be thrown away... I thought in the beginning that is what I needed to cloth diaper as I didnt like the idea of having to dunk diapers.... turns out the fleece ones were the bomb! They made clean up so easy and I hardly ever had any of my diapers stain because of them!
Oh.. one more thing.. I didnt buy liners... I bought a cheap fleece blanket ( like $2) and cut it up into strips.. that way I didnt feel bad about throwing it away if I needed to.. turns out I think I only ever threw away 1! You could just as easy use any fleece blanket you have or get a yard of cheap fleece from your local fabric store.

Hope that helps!
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