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Sciatica Help

I think this is worse than my m/s this time around. I get sciatica pain with each pregnancy, but this is a lot earlier and ten times more painful.

Last night started hurting. Always starting in my very lower back only on the left side and shooting down my butt and stopping at the back of my knee.

It hurts to do anything. The only time it doesn't hurt is if I am laying down or standing up but still. Sitting down hurts the worse. Moving of any sort hurts.

Does anyone have any advice to make this more bareable. I feel like curling up in bed crying, but don't think my two kiddos would like that much.

Only thing I remember my dr. saying was that exercise would help. I am planning on getting on the treadmill after ds goes down for his nap. Hopefully that will work and will not be too uncomfortable.

Thanks mamas for listening!!
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