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Re: jaundice

Thanks Mamas. We live in a small town and so our close pediatricians are limited to a group of 4 that are very aggressive. Plus, there was only one I really liked and that's who we saw and she has now made me think otherwise which is too bad.

Today for his one week appt. I took him to our family Dr. instead and she thinks he is looking good but since the level was up before we are going to the nursery today for one test. Which is fine...I just didn't want to do 4.

FYI I did a little research online and found that a liver cleansing tea may be helpful IF MOM DRINKS IT not baby of course. And baby would get the benefits through the breast milk.

So I brewed a cup of dandelion root tea yesterday and diluted it drank it over 3 cups or so and will plan to do that same today.

I have been putting him in a sunny window with a diaper on for about 30 minutes or so a day. Some Dr.s are not recommending this anymore because there were parents out there putting there kids in a screened window in warmer months and the baby was getting sunburned. We live in Indiana where it's quite cold but we have good sunshine right now so he is not getting sunburned through the glass window.
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