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Re: *May 2011 Mamas - January Chat*

Originally Posted by Zookeeper View Post
We still cannot get him to do solids. I emailed our midwife after the last run in with our ped. She said she's had lots of babies who weren't ready for solids in the first year, recommend Dr. Sears' family nutrition book. So, he's still gaining and hitting milestones on just Mama guess we are ok with it! I feel pretty good about myself actually, breastfeeding has been so much easier this time. Go me
Originally Posted by juliabell View Post
Rachel - your ability to sustain your LO on only breast milk still gives me hope. I have had such a hard time with BFing that I feel like I'm in a constant state of worry. (Still! Despite starting solids. Lots and lots of solids.) I have hope that with my next babes that I'll be able to BF without having to worry so much. I think the part of my problem is that DS was blessed with DHs genes - long and lean! He's a wiry little baby.
We're actually delaying solids until DS's first birthday because of my severe food allergies (the kind you have to carry an epi-pen for PLUS a whole bunch of random crossover skin stuff) and he's also hitting his milestones just fine. He definitely got some of my genes--also long and lean like your LO Julia--me and my siblings were all skinny little kids. I get mixed reactions when people find out we're still EBFing, one woman's pedi told her that babies can't survive on BM past six months! My goal of one year is pretty dependent on my output at work though, it's a mixed blessing that I'm only working part-time because I can pump extra on my days off to make up the difference in what DS eats while I'm gone. If we get to the point where I'm not producing enough to match or come close, we'll have to decide if we want to supplement with formula or just start solids. 8 months and going strong though! I've already beat most of the statistics! I looked up Maryland's breastfeeding report card and I'm currently one of like 13% EBFing to six months (the report doesn't go past 6!) so yay!
Married to my one and only 08/08/08. Momma to DS1 5/11, DS2 11/12, and shhh someone new expected in 2015! We BF, BW, CD (most of the time), CS, and love every minute of it!
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