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Re: Nursing Hospital Gown?

Originally Posted by Mamata3 View Post
This time around i am not really sure what is "allowed" and i dont care. i dont really think that if i tell them "NO i am not going to wear that, i have my own that is the same but much more pretty" they will give me much trouble. i think as long as it functions the same and they have the same availability to my body then it shouldnt matter too much. If it doens then thats one more thing to add to my list of "i dont care i am doing it anyways" for this baby. i have always been the best patient and do whatever they want/tell me to do and i always do things i dont want to, but not this time. i will also be eating while in labor if i feel hungry
I am all for doing what pleases me. Good for you mama for sticking up for yourself!!
With ds, I was in labor for 24 hours, so I was super hungry. They said no food, but DH snuck it in and I ate it in the bathroom. It didn't cause any harm to come to me or the baby, but it did make me feel better. I am totally doing that again this time.

As for the gown, they are very simple, I am sure they would be easy to make. Maybe I'll look into making my own, or buying one if I can figure out where to buy it.
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