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Originally Posted by javabarnes
OK so DH took off the bottom to get to the drain and there was a 'service manual for techs only' taped to the inside. He ran through a diagnostic test and it came back with a code saying it was the door lock. So, he is thinking that is what is wrong with it and that he can buy a part and fix it. We shall see....I would hate to have to pay someone to come out here and do it.

Thanks Erica.... he wouldn't have pulled off that door and found the manual if not for you suggesting that.
Yeah glad you might have it figured out. We kept getting some f code and had to call a repair help...came out and said ph just check the drain thing.. So that's what well do next time instead of paying $100 for someone else to (and no one would tell us on the phone that that is what we should do)

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