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Re: Taylor's Soap ~ "THE" BALM

approximate date of purchase:
Where did you purchase the item(s) from: DS
What did you buy: "THE" BALM, "THE" BALM Island Fresh... I also had the "Nipple Soother" but did not end up breastfeeding so I can't review that.
How was the customer service: Great! She shipped quickly and had wonderful communication.
Review of the product: I used "THE" BALM on my belly, although, I delivered early and only got to use it for a week. It smells a bit medicinal and I felt a bit self conscious for half an hour or so after putting it on. However, it felt wonderful and definitely moisturized well.

I use "THE BALM" Island Fresh on my baby any time she's getting red and it also works very well.

I didn't get a chance to use the "Nipple Soother" because my baby never got the hang of nursing.

Any additional comments:
Would you do business with them again? Definitely.
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