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Re: My little preemie is 2 years old today!

Thanks, ladies! I told her that the ladies from Diaperswappers said "Happy Birthday Charlotte" and she said, "Tanks! Charwhit wubs diapers! Fwuffy mail today?" We're kind of addicted to prints here so she thinks of diapers as a fashion statement and has great fun with it.

ClothDiaperingMama, she particularly liked the little Elmo!

Lilylouwho, she was just a couple of days old in that picture. I thought it was the picture we took the day she turned one week old but I double checked the dates and it's not. She didn't change that much, as far as looks go. She looked almost exactly the same the day she came home when she was 4 weeks old, just more pink, lighter hair and a thinner face. She had trouble learning to eat at first and lost a bit of weight fairly quickly, but thankfully she caught on pretty soon after that and plumped back up.

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