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O.k. It's been a really long time since I've posted on diaperswappers but this is a safe place to post this. If you do know me on facebook or IRL please do not discuss this info as it's quite private.

This morning I was cleaning and organizing and my shirt felt wet around my left breast. Now my youngest is 18 months and stopped BFing at 7 months (I have terrible supply issues). I've experienced this sensation before and it's normally nothing, but this morning I could express tiny drops of thick creamy looking liquid. and my first thought was I can't be pregnant.

I had some major pain in my uterus back before Christmas and had an ultrasound and blood test that showed nothing but it is very possible that I'm currently 3-4 weeks pregnant. I'm nervous and scared and part of me is trying to find a million other reasons for my body to be doing this. Any positive thoughts and comments would be very much appreciated. I have to say if I was I would be thrilled just a bit surprised.
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