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Exclamation NOW OPEN: ALL NATURAL, ORGANIC Skin Care! Diaper Balm/Liquid Soaps/Deodorant & MORE

BALM! Baby and THinc. Liquid Castile Soap by THinc. (Taylor House inc.) Store is OPEN!

Diaper Rash / All in One 1st Aid, Wipes Juice Concentrate, Natural Liquid Castile Soaps, Natural Sunscreen, Bug Spray, Nursing Aid Balm, Pregnancy Butter, Baby Shampoo / Wash / MORE! See below for product details. & on

DiaperSwaperrs...RIGHT where you are!

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Diaper Pin here We'll automatically pm you a discount code for 10% off + FREE SHIPPING!

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BALM! Baby Diaper Balm / 1st Aid - 2oz. Glass Jar - $9.95
Organic, Natural, Vegan, CD SAFE!

We have over 200 Reviews from different families on how awesome this balm is! It is PACKED FULL of healing ingredients that cover everything from diaper rash to eczema to psoriasis and MORE!

JUICE those WIPES! 9oz Recycled Aluminum - $13.95
Our Natural Cloth Wipes Juice Concentrate is formulated with THinc. liquid soap to be sure all those parts get clean! We blend herbally infused oils & yummy essential oils to moisturize and smell good! Even in the most humid climates, where bacteria breeds, our wipes juice will not go bad! Perfect for changing baby's precious bottom, or as reusable "wet ones" for wiping hands & faces!

BALM! Baby SUN! / MAD Diaper Rash - 2oz. Glass Jar - $9.95
Organic, Natural, Vegan - NOT CD Safe; simply use a liner

Herb-ally infused with Natural Sun Protect-ants and soothing skin oils, our Natural Sun Screen offers SPF30! It works wonders on even baby's skin here in the hot tropics of Hawaii! Also doubles as a MAD Diaper Rash treatment! Doubles as a nice protection against Buildup in diapers! NO reaching for 2 different products while changing Mr. or Mrs. Squiggles! YAY!

BALM! Baby SHUE BUG! Natural Bug Repellant - 2.7oz. Recycled Aluminum - $6.99
Organic, Natural, Vegan, Travel Size

A unique formula of ALL NATURAL & ORGANIC ingredients that are safe for the whole FAM! Here in Hawaii with a TROPICAL climate ALL YEAR ROUND, bugs are everywhere & this formula has been put to the test! It is A MUST HAVE! Works like no other! I said SHUE BUG don't bother me!

THinc. Skin PITS! Natural Deodorant - 2 oz Glass Jar - $7.49
As with all our products, a LITTLE goes a LONG way! This natural deodorant is full of powerful deodorizing properties. Packed full of herbal infused Hawaiian oils, soothing shea butter & essential oils, it’s no wonder customers rave about its effectiveness! Offers up to 18 hours of protection. A MUST HAVE for anyone who doesn't want harmful ingredients in their PITS!

SANITIZE those HANDS! 2.7 oz. Recycled Aluminum - $5.49
Blended with one of our favorite Hawaiian oils, this sanitizer moisturizes & leaves hands feeling silky smooth! Kills 99.9% germs (and ONLY the “bad” ones)! SUPER easy & safe for little hands! Smells fantastic! A MUST for travel, schools, flu season & more!

SPRITZ! 2.7 oz Recycled Aluminum - $4.49
Available in: Calming Lavender, Fresh Orange, Perky Peppermint and Breathe Easy Eucalyptus, our Spritz is Perfect for covering odors (in the air, on bodies, cars, clothes, linens, etc.)! It also makes an AWESOME Diaper Changing Spray for little bottoms! Not only does it smell good, but is an anti-septic, perfect for cleaning messy bums!

MAMA BELLY! 4 oz / 120 ml Recycled Aluminum - $14.95
Whipped to perfection & oh so good smelling, Mama Belly is made from nurturing oils from Hawaii & healing butters that will allow that beautiful Mama Belly to grow without adding stretch marks! We add an herbal infusion to help relieve annoying itching! Spreads nicely & feels like satin, your belly will be addicted, & it should be, it deserves it carrying that sweet being inside!

NIPPLE SOOTHER! - 2 oz / 60 ml Glass Jar - $9.95
An infusion of healing herbs into organic olive oil is
not only what makes this balm powerful, but gentle too. A lot of Aloha went into this balm with pregnant & nursing Mamas in mind. No need to wipe clean before
nursing your hungry little hippo - 100% safe for baby!

FRESH out of the TUB! - Baby Shampoo & Wash - 9 oz / 250 ml Recycled Aluminum - $9.95
This is our Soapy, Sudsy Baby Wash/Shampoo that will have babies smelling FRESH OUT OF THE TUB! This soap was specially formulated for little sensitive ones in mind. With its rich, fatty, tropical oils, not only will little ones stay fresh, but they will keep their super softness too!

BODY BUTTER! 4 oz / 120 ml Recycled Aluminum - $14.95
Whipped to perfection, non-greasy & so yummy smelling you'll want to eat it! Our body butter is made from nurturing oils from Hawaii & healing butters that will moisturize and soothe your whole body! Spreads nicely & feels like satin!

THinc. Soap - Tropical Blend
Available in: 20 oz. Swingtop Glass / 9 oz Recycled Aluminum/ Bulk -
Cost Varies on Container... similar to DR. Bronners (but we use tropical, local ingredients to ensure freshness & never store it in plastic, to ensure your Family's Health & the health of our planet)

Enriched with the Hawaiian oils of coconut & macadamia nut, this tropical liquid soap will naturally cleanse & soften! But this blend doesn’t stop there! It’s a multi-use liquid soap; perfect for hands, countertops, dishes and more! With the added pure therapeutic essential oils, this soap is blended to tropical completion.
***If you currently use another Natural Liquid Castile Soap, consider switching to ours; Our soap is NEVER put in Plastic, we use Fresh, local ingredients & make in small batches (:

PUCKER! 0.25 oz / 7.4 ml Recycled Aluminum - $2.75
Our lip balm is made by infusing soothing & healing herbs into replenishing Hawaiian oils & moisturizing butters & then completed with just the right touch of pure, food grade essential oils. Your lips will pucker for our lip balm; we promise.

* Malena married to Dominic [08.08.08] *
* Mama to Kian [02.02.09] & Theo [05.01.10] *
*We are Taylor House Home of BALM! Baby, Taylor's Soap & Skin, RAW Materials & Island Botanicals*
*Natural Baby & Mama Care Stored in Natural Containers!*

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