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Re: Newborn has Acid Reflux - NEED HELP MAMAS!

Zantac didn't work for KEarnan either. He had high volume reflux. He went on zantac and then another that was supposed to help on top of that (can't remember the name at the moment) but they didn't help and the second med made him horribly painfully gassy and constipated. We wound up at a pedi gastro and she prescribed Mylanta, after each feeding and up to every half hour if needed for pain. I don't know if that worked or if he was just starting to outgrow it by that time (he was born on medicaid because dh's insurance wouldn't take me on pregnant and it took 9 months for them to accept ds and we had to wait 4 months for the appt). He was about 5.5 months at the time he saw the gastro and it was pretty much totally gone by 6 months. He still has bouts from time to time though.

I cut out all dairy form my diet, but I never saw that it helped. You could try cutting out some of the more high allergen foods and see if it helps her. Other than that just keeping her upright as much as possible. I found that the fisher price cradel swing kept Kearnan at the perfect angle and helped him actually get some sleep. He would be so miserable otherwise. I'm so sorry mama. It is so hard when our little ones are sick and we can't seem to help them.
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