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Re: Opinions....

I used to be a Kawaii supporter b/c that is what makes up most of our stash but I cannot recommend them anymore.

I've had threads break on about half of my 12 diapers. It doesn't affect the function since they've all broken up at the top but I think it's a reflection of the quality. None of our other brands have done this (BG, FB, Grovia)

Also, customer service SUCKS. I was having horrible leaking issues for a while and it was like pulling teeth just to get an email response. I would send an email with all sorts of details and a couple of days later I would get reply asking me questions I had already answered. I asked for a phone number to contact them but they ignored my request and stopped answering my emails.

Yes, they were cheap. Yes, they work well, besides the threads breaking. I cannot, in good conscience, recommend them to anyone anymore!

I really think buying used would be a great option. You will pay about the same or a little more for better brands. Pockets are a super easy diaper for newbies that will not break the bank. She could watch Craigslist, forums on Facebook or the FSOT forum here for good deals. Seconds sales would be another way to get quality diapers for a great price.

The initial investment may be a little shocking to them but remind them about how much they will save in the long run!
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