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Re: Primm n Proper sherpa nb fitteds

Originally Posted by EmilyA874 View Post
I haven't used the newborn ones, but we had the OS sherpa for a while. They work alright, they are not super absorbent, but as long as you don't have a super soaker they are fine. One thing that kind of bugged me with them is they seemed to get soaked just all in one spot, there just be one big sopping spot and the rest would be dry, it was kind of weird. Anyway, I sold them because DD has issues with serged diapers and my prefolds were/are more absorbent. I kind of wish she'd make a bamboo terry version of the snapless in the newborn size, and turn and top stitch it! I'd be all over that for the next baby!
Sorry I can't tell you specifically about the newborn size, hopefully someone else will chime in too
You should contact her! I bet she will do T&T bamboo for you!
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