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Re: Can I see your changing table set up??

Here is our set up:

covers and inserts on the left (waiting impatiently for the new flip print and colors,) dry wipes in the blue/white basket and wipes solution to spray on wipes

top left drawer: flats and hemp/bamboo doublers that I use regularly, misc and random rash solutions

next drawer down: pockets and flushable wipes for nasty diapers

bottom left drawer: all of the other random cd stuff that I don't really use much, but I won't get rid of. Extra wet bags, pail liners, fleece liners, disposable liners, diaper pail deodorizers, pocket fitteds and the only 2 sposies in the house.

top shelf: prefolds, middle shelf: blankets, bottom shelf: cotton doublers, xs and med flats that don't get used.

and talking about storage makes me wish I could find one of these for dd's room:

It only has a few dipes becuase ds is daytime pl'ed, but each little cubby can hold 6 stuffed diapers (3 in front and 3 behind) for a total of 24. Perfect for organizing a basic pocket stash by color without having to open a drawer/ use drawer space.
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