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Re: Ugh the crying phase has hit

Aww that's no good. DH wants to take a whole week after the baby is born because it's a "hard week at work" (which means: I want a week off to play video games)... I know I'll need help for a couple days after I have the baby, but once I'm on my feet I need some space during the day. Dh kinda gets in the way sitting in his chair and playing his games. It would be a diff story if he would help out more.

Anyway, I think we are done. I can't imagine going through the cranky mood I've been in the last 9 mos, and it probably won't go away till I'm a few mos postpartum. If someone had told me I needed to be done after my last baby though, I would have been a mess. This is a whole different story! I FEEL done.
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