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Re: Nesting??

I'm nesting too...but have no energy (or breath) to do I get to do one task per day. Today was washing and sanitizing all baby's bottles. Yesterday was loading up and organizing the change table/diaper stash. Tomorrow will be re-organizing the pantry to make room for all our baby stuff. I'm also packing the hospital bag a little more each day. Oh, yesterday I also did as much shopping for baby things we still need as I could get in before feeling like I was going to faint. So our list of things we need for her is down to 4 items I think.. DH has been good about helping me with the cleaning, so I haven't done much the kitchen is really the only room I have to worry about cleaning, and i've been doing a "clean as I go" type thing in there.

Even though I'm still 3.5 weeks from my due date, I've been panicking about getting stuff done, feeling like she could come any day...any moment even lol. Such fun!
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