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Re: How close to due date did you keep working?

Um, WOW mamas!

I know this doesn't help OP at all but I just wanted to mention this so other mamas see it for balance reasons since you all worked SO late.

With DS1 I stopped working at 16 weeks - bedrest
With DS2 I stopped at around 30 weeks maybe a bit sooner
With DS3 I stopped at around the 30 week mark as well
With both DD's I am a SAHM

The two times I worked to 30 weeks it was HARD. I was SO ready to go off even before then but toughed it out longer.

IMO you (general) need to go off when your body tells you it is time to slow down. That could be right in the begining or at 41 weeks - anything is ok if that is what you need!
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