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Can't decide, fitteds vs prefolds

I've been using primarily prefolds on DD from day one and love them. The thing is the majority of our stash is made up of GMD yellow edges and she's going to be outgrowing them soon. On one-hand, yeah I get to buy new diapers, on the other-hand, ACK to many choices!

My thoughts so far are that I love prefolds but DD is rolling over and already spends her diaper changes trying to squirm her nekky butt away. I know this is only going to get worse as she gets bigger. With my DS and ODD I did fitteds at this stage and I'm thinking maybe I should go back to those, except I love my prefolds (never used them at all before).

So what would you do? Stick with the prefolds or switch to fitteds, and what fitteds do you love? Oh, and I do already have a dozen of the large size Bummis so no matter what I won't be without prefolds of some sort, they just wouldn't be my majority.
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