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Re: prefolds as burp cloths

Looked into making 3 ply flannel burp cloths. I wanted to use pretty fabric for one side so that does increase the price a bit but even with my 3 50% off coupons for JoAnns, assuming they do a decent job cutting the fabric, then it's a pretty good deal but they did a crappy job when cutting the fabric for my wipes so I got less wipes than I should have been able to. And I even accounted for shrinkage from the pre-wash! If they do the same bang up job, then it's a wash with just buying some (or better yet, having others buy them from the registry). Checked out the diapers at babies R us today and they were huge! Not sure I want burp cloths that big. Sigh...Well, the coupons are good in different time ranges so I'd have to go 3 separate days to get the supplies. Fairly easy to do since I work right next to the JoAnn's. Guess I'll think about it over the weekend and then if I move forward with making them, I'll be a PITA to the lady cutting my fabric to make sure they don't do the same crappy cutting job.
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